Stop 335 Townhouses On Elliott Road!

• Dangerous, Overwhelming Traffic Congestion

• High Population Densities Crowded Into A Small Area

• Destruction Of Pristine Streams Flowing Into Lake Lanier

• Siltation Of Surrounding Streams

• Sediments That Will Render Docks And Recreational Areas Useless

• Significant Devaluation Of Surrounding Properties

• Loss Of Recreational Dollars And High Value Lake Properties

• Unneeded Strain On Utility Infrastructure

• Increases In Taxes Due To Great Demand For County Services And School Enrollment

• Incompatible With Current Use Of Property In Area

• Similar Developments Were Denied Recently

• Very Little Green-space With Townhouses - Residents Will Trespass

• Entrances On Both Sides Of GA-53 Situated In Curves And On A Hill

• Exceeding Foreseeable Traffic Capacity Will Significantly Increase AutomobileAccidents, Necessitate Additional Traffic Lights and Result In More Businesses Locating Elsewhere Due To Congestion

• Routing Residential Property Traffic Through A Commercial Development

• Developments Primarily Of Non-permeable Surfaces With Inadequate Runoff Water Provisions Or Possible

• Thompson Creek Park, A High Capacity Boat Launch, Will Be Inaccessible Due To Silt And Sedimentation, Further Reducing Recreational And Tourism Revenue

• A Large Area Of Old Growth Hardwoods And Open Meadow Habitat Will Be Destroyed By Access Roads And The Development Itself.

• A Springhead, Stream And Surrounding Habitat, Including Threatened Or Endangered Snail Darters And Other Species, Will Be Piped To Accommodate Access Roads, Thus Destroying Native Habitat

• NOISE From Traffic, HVAC Units, Outside Activities In A Confined Space And Resulting From Removal Of Existing Vegetative Barriers Will Increase Significantly In An Area Now Occupied By Small Farms, Horse And Equestrian Activities, Water Recreation And Larger Single Family Residences On Lots Of 1 Acre Or More

• Many Of The Units, As Is The Case In Similar Developments In The County, Will Be Purchased By Non-Residents For Rental Purpose.

• Tenants As Opposed To Property Owners Do Not Have A Vested Interest In The Maintenance, Appeal Or Future Of Property They Rent

• Covenants ARE NOT Laws And Not Enforced By The County, Require High Level Of Owner Membership, Do Not Protect Adjoining Properties And Usually Expire In A Short Period Of Time. Learn More Here: articles/mortgages-real-estate/08/homeowners-associations-tips.asp

Please Check WWW.Stop335TownHouses.Com Often For Updates, Meetings And Additional Information. Be Sure You Have Signed The Petition In Opposition.
September 20, 2016 Dawson County Courthouse 6 p.m.
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